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Founded and directed by Rivkah Roth DO DNM® DAc DTCM the Natural Medicine Centre is your knowledgeable and compassionate Partner for Health. Our website offers extensive health information with an emphasis on Natural Food Cures and Biochemical Nutrition Balancing.

We believe in the interdependence of our wellbeing and our environment.

Our approach is all-inclusive. We treat the patient, not simply an illness.

We practice and offer the following Modalities:


Structural Approaches, TuiNa, Dorn Technique, Equi-PRO Deep Tissue Technique


Homotoxicology, Phytotherapy and other Botanical and Nutritional Approaches
Homeosineatry, JMT Allergy Elimination and Energy Work
E.I.S. Electro-Interstitial Scan Assessments


Ear-, Scalp- and Electro-Acupuncture, Homeosineatry,
Cupping, Food Cures, and other TCM Techniques

Our Specialties:

  • Diabetes - Early Risk Recognition, Avoidance and Control

  • Celiac Disease, GSE, Gluten Sensitivity and Intolerance

  • Gastrointestinal Conditions and Weight Control

  • Nutrition and Food Cures

  • Mineral Imbalances and Biochemical Nutritional Balance

  • Immune System challenges, Allergies, Food Sensitivities

  • Chronic Pain Conditions (Fibromyalgia, Rheumatoid Arthritis, etc.)

  • Tiredness and Exhaustion, Sleep apnea, Snoring, Restlessness

  • Musculoskeletal issues - alignment issues, hip- back-, low-back-, neck-, shoulder pain, whiplash injuries, headaches, sciatica, carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, etc.

At the Natural Medicine Centre we offer the Diagnostic Services of

E.I.S. Electro-Interstitial Scan Assessments

CHRONOAMPEROMETRY has long been known and used in Europe's clinics and hospitals.

The E.I.S. offers a noninvasive and safe screening method by bio-impedance analysis and modeling. From Body Mass Index (BMI) to nutritional recommendations we now can help you put a value to your level of health in every part of your body.

The E.I.S. is used in healthy patients ages 10 to 80 to provide an estimate of their body composition, in patients with symptoms prior to treatment to indicate direction for further tests and individualized preventive measures, and in patients under medication to track changes, improvements or deterioration.

Why Natural Medicine?
Natural Medicine takes a different approach from mainstream medicine. The patient is always treated as an indivisible whole.

Health is determined by the weakest link in a patient's body. Therefore, only looking at the obvious issue rarely brings lasting results. Rather than simply trying to control your body mechanisms, Natural Medicine works on empowering your body to control itself.

Here are the most obvious differences between Natural Medicine and conventional, mainstream medicine:

...Patient versus Disease:

Natural medicine looks at any condition within the whole make-up of the patient; mainstream medicine treats an isolated disease. This is commonly summarized as: Natural medicine treats the patient - mainstream medicine treats the disease.

...Cause versus Symptom:

When it comes to treating a condition, natural medicine will want to find and treat the cause; mainstream medicine mostly treats symptoms.

...Support versus Suppression:

Treatment in the case of natural medicine means supporting your body in its attempt to heal itself - slowly and systematically. Mainstream medicine suppresses a disease in order to quickly remove the most obvious symptoms, pain and inflammation.

...Chronic versus Acute:

Because of its ability to work with your body and bring about improvements slowly, natural medicine is particularly suitable for the treatment of chronic, ongoing conditions. Mainstream medicine is excellent at handling acute situations and all cases where surgery is required.

...Prevention versus Sick Care:

Preventive care is easy for natural medicine since it critically looks at early and subtle changes in your systems and functions. Mainstream medicine relies mostly on blood and urine tests for diagnosis. These show changes only once you are seriously ill.

...Lifestyle Change versus Prescription Medication:

Where possible, natural medicine advocates lifestyle changes that include nutrition and exercise. Mainstream medicine generally starts with synthetic prescription drugs - some for life long.

Natural Medicine is a wide and comprehensive field.

The training of a Doctor of Natural Medicine (DNM®) consists of more than 4400 hours of intensive postsecondary training that includes specialized biochemistry, anatomy and physiology, pathology and specific postgraduate and clinical training in several diagnostic modalities and a variety of natural treatment modalities.

Just as you would bring in your car for regular service, many a health problem may be caught early and remedied before it becomes a serious issue.

At the Natural Medicine Centre we work together with you - IF you let us accompany you on your path and IF you are willing to take an active approach to your own state of health and wellbeing.

Each one of us is an unique individual. At the Natural Medicine Centre we aim at identifying the underlying causes to your health problems.

While the overall approach to dealing with body, mind, spirit and soul remains pre-charted and is subject to the same rigorous ethical standards at all times, we have many different tools in our toolbox.

Experience has taught us that flexibility is key when it comes to dealing with today's many health issues.


We have the overview and agility gained from in-depth multidisciplinary experience.

By appointment, Rivkah Roth DO DNM® DAc DTCM is available for consults and treatments at the Natural Medicine Centre or for long-distance consults via telephone or Skype.


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