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Health Books that Make a Difference

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At Risk? Avoid Diabetes by Recognizing Early Risk - A Natural Medicine View

"Insightful, instructive, inspiring!"

Professional Pre-Publication Testimonial

March 2008
Ken Vegotsky,
co-author of the
bestselling The All-in-One™
Guide to  Natural Remedies and

"...a must-read if you care about your risk of diabetes and the related degenerative diseases."

Professional Pre-Publication Testimonial

April 2008
Dr. George Milne DC ND

"Rivkah is a passionate and compassionate alternative health
practitioner, who will make you feel at ease right away. She is
someone you can turn to in times of crisis or for preventive
measures. She is generous with her knowledge, free with her
suggestions and having interviewed many health care
practitioners, I knew that Dr. Roth was the genuine article. I
believe that Rivkah has written a veritable Bible on avoiding
Diabetes and breadth, width and scope of this information is
astounding. Her book, 'At Risk, Avoid Diabetes by Recognizing
Early Risk', is written for the lay person to understand what
Diabetes is, and is an interesting and worthwhile read for
anyone who is interested in creating a healthy future for
themselves and their families."   
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"At Risk?" Book Review
LinkedIn Recommendation

March 19, 2009
The Unstoppable Frankie
author- Midlife Mojo,
Radio Host, Master Coach,

"Dr. Roth appeared on my Teleseminar/Webinar series
(Diabetes: Prevention, Control and Next Steps for Living) as an
expert on avoiding Diabetes. She was the perfect guest/expert
to have. She presented the information in a knowledgeable
and crystal clear manner. She is every bit the expert that is
portrayed in her profile. The information that she presented to
my audience was to the point and can actually be put to use by
not only Diabetics, but those who wish to live a healthier
lifestyle, in general."

Lecture Review
LinkedIn Recommendation

July 7 2009
Carol Dunlop,
Trainer, Optimum Body Sculpting

...Taking the "whole person" into account, [Rivkah Roth]
believes that "the only person who can heal is the person
She believes that individuals need to take responsibility for
their own care and health, and provides the tools and
information to help make that happen. She assists in
pinpointing health issues, providing an understanding of the
person's potential problem areas.
She makes public awareness of the urgent need to prevent
diabetes and many of its complications her life's objective....

Newspaper Interview
by Anita Locke

July 31, 2009
Lakefield Herald

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